Week 2 Basketball Highlights

One week, two games, two back-to-back wins. That’s the way Dayton’s varsity basketball team likes it. Dayton’s teams had the opportunity to compete against both the Pershing County Mustangs and the Yerington Lions.Both boys’ teams rolled over Pershing County all four quarters of each game.The varsity boys won their game 65-36, nearly doubling the Mustang’s scores.The JV team racked up their score as well, beating Pershing County 47-7.Pershing County did not score a single point in the second half of the JV game.The varsity girls lost both of their home games, yet only a few points separated them from Pershing County. When playing against Yerington, both Dayton boys’ teams won once again, leaving a high record for the season to come.

Yerington’s varsity was a close match up for Dayton, making for an intense game. The first quarter started almost exactly even, as if they were exchanging shots or taking turns for who gets points. By the end of the first half, though, Dayton had pulled ahead, bringing the score 27-18 for the third quarter. Dayton proceeded to pull away, ever so slowly, ending the third quarter 36-25. Toward the end, Dayton’s lead began to vanish, as Yerington crept up. 46-41 with just two minutes left barely gave the Dust Devils any room to get comfortable. With plenty of fouls and time-outs seemingly saved up for those last two minutes, the final stretch took about ten to fifteen minutes. In the end, Dayton pushed back and maintained their ground, winning the game 57-47. All of the teams have their next game at home against the South Tahoe Vikings next week. Great job Dust Devils!

-Jason Logan

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