Sutro Polar Express

By Regina Collins

Ms. Kirby’s 4th grade class at Sutro Elementary School will be performing their annual version of The Polar Express, by Chris Vanallsburg, on December 12 & 13. The students worked together to make a wonderful production with music, acting, set production, and directing. For over 30 years Sonya Kirby has had her students perform The Polar Express. She is a believer of keeping art in the classroom and her students look forward to performing this every year. They used to only perform four shows for the pre-k through second grade students but due to its growing popularity they are now performing six shows over two days for pre-k through 6th grade. Parents, family, and friends of Sutro Elementary School students are encouraged to join the fun and support their young entertainers. Each performance lasts about 30 minutes starting at 9:30 am.

For more performance times please call Sutro Elementary School at 775-246-6270.

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