Dust Devils Overtime Win vs. South Tahoe

The Dayton Dust Devils took their third consecutive win this last week against South Tahoe, putting them in a good position to make it to the playoffs, and possibly even state. For the South Tahoe game, fans in the community were on the edge of their seats the entire game, as neither team got more than a five point lead the entire game. Dayton started the first quarter off strong, taking a 10-6 lead over South Tahoe. Both teams came back the second quarter just as strong, with South Tahoe creeping up on Dayton, leaving the score Dayton 24, South Tahoe 22. The third quarter had both teams nearly at a standstill. Dayton’s defense only allowed for five points to be made by the South Tahoe Vikings that quarter. However, Dayton’s offense began to slip, with only one basket made the entire quarter. The score was left with 26-27, with South Tahoe leading.

For the final quarter (or at least what people thought would be the final quarter), Dayton caught back up. The score seemed to be on a pendulum for which team was ahead. Thirty seconds left, South Tahoe is up. 28 seconds, tie. 27 seconds, Dayton’s up. Last second, a buzzer-beater by South Tahoe to tie up the game and bring it into overtime. Fans on both sides were ecstatic at how close and intense the game was. The clock reset for another four minutes of game play, in which Dayton pulled ahead and scored ten points,while South Tahoe only got five. This left the final score 51-46 with yet another Dayton win.

Dayton has another home game this week against their rivals,the Fernley Vaqueros, which is anticipated to be yet another close game for the season.

-Jason Logan

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