Dayton Basketball Takes the Court

The long wait is finally over for all of the Dayton basketball teams. Dayton’s varsity, JV, and freshman teams all hosted their first game this last week against Wooster High School. On the boys’ side,varsity had a close game to start, only down the first quarter by three points,8-11. By the second quarter, Dayton started picking up steam and took the lead,scoring 17 points and leaving the score 25-24 with Dayton leading into the second half. Not only did Dayton have the home-court advantage, but they also have 7 returning athletes from last year’s varsity and a couple from Dayton’s JV team. Most of their team is experienced in the sport, and they wanted to show their experience out on the court. By the end of the third quarter, Dayton was only down by a couple of points, leaving the deciding factor in the fourth quarter. Dayton made a lot of free-throws mixed in with some three-pointers,but in the end, it wasn’t enough to keep up with Wooster. The varsity team lost their first game with a final score of 58-41.

The boy’s JV team, however, did quite well in an intense matchup with Wooster. With the score oscillating back and forth, Dayton came out on top by one point with a score of 30-29. They are expected to do well for the rest of the season and, next year, bring varsity up on top.

The girls’ teams also did well, blowing Wooster out of the water. The first quarter left Dayton with twice the score of Wooster, and in the final quarter, Dayton scored six times as much as Wooster. Hannah Coltrin was the star player of the game, with 16 rebounds, 3 steals, and 16 points scored for the team. The Lady Devil’s basketball coach, Kelly Frantz, said that Hannah, “was aggressive and confident on the floor” and that they “are proud to call her ours.”

All of Dayton’s team have a long list of scheduled games for them to show what they’ve got, and being this early in the season, anything can happen.

-Jason Logan

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