Lyon County Hires Code Enforcement Officer



Lyon County Manager Jeff Page has announced the hiring of a Code Enforcement Officer. Lyon County has hired Mr. David Scott to serve in the capacity of Code Enforcement Officer.


The County Manager has explained that Lyon County has been without a Code Enforcement Officer for over a decade. The Board of Commissioners identified that the need for code enforcement was a priority and budgeted the position for Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19).


The former code enforcement program was administered through the District Attorney’s Office and was a single purpose on enforcing Lyon County Code 6.01 Nuisances.


The new code enforcement program will work within the Community Development Department and will enforce Nuisances as well as Business License Code Violations, Planning and Zoning Code Violations and Public Health Code Violations.


August 6, 2018 the Board of County Commissioners are being asked to propose an ordinance amending Title 1 Administrative; By adding thereto, Chapter 18 Code Enforcement; Subchapters 1.18.01 Purpose; Conflicts; Definitions, 1.18.02 Authority of Enforcement Official, 1.18.03 Procedure for Administrative Enforcement, 1.18.05 Fines and Fees, 1.18.06 Administrative Hearings and Judicial Review and 1.18.07 Collection of Fines and Fees.


The County Manager explained that other counties have similar ordinances and that He and the District Attorney have discussed the successes of such an ordinance with Churchill County Officials. The ordinance does not prohibit a criminal prosecution, nor does it address any specific code or ordinance. The proposed language provides the Code Enforcement Officer with authority to enforce all County Codes unless there is a specific provision for enforcement by another county official, ie. Sheriff, building official, etc.


The Board will also be asked to pass a resolution designating the Code Enforcement Officer as having authority to issue misdemeanor citations for violations of Lyon County Code. This action is required by Nevada Revised Statutes and is the process that was followed to designate Animal Services and Fire Protection Districts the authority to issue misdemeanor citations under certain circumstances.


Page explained that the program goal is to gain compliance with code violations. Enforcement actions may be necessary, but the ultimate goal is to fix a problem. Code Enforcement will become more proactive in the near future. Currently the County is catching up on current investigations.


To file a complaint or to get code enforcement assistance the public can call (775)463-6531/577-5037 or email forms and information about code enforcement can be found at

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